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Certified Distribution is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Velociti.


Velociti is a global provider of technology development services, specializing in the installation and service of a broad range of transportation and networking technology products. Velociti's experience allows enterprise level technology consumers to maximize ROI as a result of leveraging expert, rapid deployment. Velociti clients include many Fortune 500 companies from a wide variety of market segments including transportation, retail, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, food service, and public venues.


Innovative Sales has built a sales team of the best and most knowledgeable people in the industry.  This allows Innovative Sales to meet with a fleet and study all aspects of how they are currently operating.  With this information Innovative Sales can create a targeted portfolio of tested and proven product combinations that match the company’s culture. This assures the best and largest efficiency improvements are made available to the fleet.


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