Our Mission

To provide the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly products to the transportation industry, one mile and one truck at a time.

Our Solution

Certified Distribution was created to address the trucking industry and its fuel economy and safety concerns. The trucking industry's second largest expense continues to be fuel; however, there are many steps a company can take to improve its average miles per gallon.


  • Invest the time to select a custom product package that will improve aerodynamics and enhance fuel efficiency.

  • Ensure the manufacturer has product liability insurance, financial stability to handle warrantee claims or recalls, and the ability to manufacture replacement parts.

  • Create innovative financing solutions, including installation, through a partnership with a fleet payment solution company.

  • Determine the life expectancy of each product to ensure an appropriate Return on Investment.


Certified Distribution has addressed these issues by setting up a purchasing channel to provide custom solutions which address fuel economy and safety concerns. Every product is researched and tested for fuel savings, as well as durability. Certified Distribution has a specialized sales team that will make product recommendations based on your individual company needs and requirements.  Certified Distribution has 100% financing available including installation.  We calculate the projected savings and structure the payments to be 80% of savings leaving 20% to go to the bottom line without any cash outlay.


This will allow any trucking company the ability to bring their fleet of trucks to the forefront of fuel efficiency and to become environmentally friendly (GREEN) while saving money.

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